Announcement for the Biomedical laboratories law proposals

The Cyprus Biological Society of (CBS) announces that it has submitted proposals-positions, in the context of the public consultation, regarding the Bills concerning the Biomedical Laboratories.

We hope that the positions (CBS) will be adopted so that we have two law proposals in which:

+ The rights of biologists (bio-scientists) as enshrined in relevant European guidelines are guaranteed.
+ The free movement and work of European bio-scientists is ensured in accordance with European guidelines for Cyprus and Cypriot biologists (bio-scientists) abroad (without the Cypriot biologists-bio-scientists being at a disadvantage)
+ Equality between the public and private sectors is ensured in accordance with European directives and principles and current legislation.
+ Democracy, meritocracy and equality of all citizens are ensured through the provision of inviolable, meritocratic and transparent procedures.
+ Conditions for small and closed professions are not created for a few privileged people

The positions-suggestions of CBS were formulated based on the above principles.

The Governing Body of CBS

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