Health Committee

Health Committee

The Health Committee of the Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) aims to strengthen the contribution of Biology and Biologists in the field of Health.

The Health Committee of the Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) is composed exclusively of members of the Society who work in the Health sector or are interested in the Health sector. According to the Constitution of CBS, at least one member of the Governing Body should participate in each committee. The committee acts as an auxiliary bodie of CBS and its decisions are of a recommendation and advisory nature to the Governing Body, which has the final say on any decision.If you are a member of the CBS and wish to join the CBS Health Committee contact the CBS Governing Body at email:

The Health Committee ic co-chaired by:

  • Dr Pavlos Neophytou

Ph.D. (Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry, Faculty of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge), Chartered Scientist (CSci), European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine (EuSpLM), registered in Cyprus as a Clinical Laboratory Director, Executive Director of the Mendel Center for Biomedical Sciences

  • Dr Maria Tsiarli

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biological Sciences Kirmizis Lab, Cyprus University (March 2019-present) and Aliate Postdoctoral Research Associate in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry Larschan Lab, Brown University


Below you can find material prepared by the British Society of Immunology (BSI). The greek version was prepered by the member of Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) Nektarios Nikolaou, of Frederick University and member of the Health Committee of CBS.

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What is herd immunity?

How come vaccines have been produced so quickly

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