Results 2020

Results 2020


“Christos Georgiades” Undergraduate Biology Students Award

The Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) has established the “Christos Georgiades” CBS Award for Undergraduate Biology Students. The Award is given annually to Cypriot Biology students (with the identity of the Republic of Cyprus) studying at the Biology Departments of Cyprus, Greece and abroad. The “Christos Georgiades” CBS Award for Biology Undergraduate Students is awarded every year to the Cypriot Undergraduate Biology Student with the best Diploma / Degree Thesis.

The Evaluation Committee of CBF unanimously decided that for the year 2020 (diploma theses completed in 2019) the CBS Award for Undergraduate Biology Students “Christos Georgiades” goes to the Biologist Nikoletta Aresti of the Department of Biology of the University Crete for her thesis entitled “Genetic evaluation of the role of oxidase CYP392A16 in the resistance of Tetranychus urticae to acaricides”.

The evaluation criteria of the Diploma / Thesis were the scientific completeness of the Diploma / Thesis, the quality and scientificity of writing, organisation and presentation of the Diploma / Thesis, the number and quality of scientific publications / presentations in scientific conferences as a result of the Diploma / Thesis as well as the originality and innovation of the Diploma /  thesis.

Supervising (external) professor of the Diploma / Thesis was the Associate Professor Dr Ioannis Vontas of the Laboratory of Molecular Entomology of the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology at ITE and the responsible faculty member of the Department of Biology of the University of Crete was Professor Dr Halepakis Georgis.

This Diploma / Thesis is a complete and thorough scientific work of an entire academic year. It is also an original idea as something similar has not been published before and in the future it can tackle important issues of agricultural and economic interest. It can lead to the effective control of this mite which is one of the most serious enemies of crops and causes many economic as well as environmental disasters.

The award is accompanied by a sum of 300 euros and a relevant honorary certificate. The award will be made at a special ceremony to be announced later.

The award-winning Diploma / Thesis can be found on the website of the Biological Society of Cyprus.

Award / Diploma Thesis

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