Training CBS

Training CBS

Biology is a science that is growing rapidly today. New discoveries, new techniques, new methods and new approaches are constantly emerging in the field of Biology. There is a need for continuing education and training.

The Cyprus Biological Society (CBS), independently and in collaboration with other organisations and academic institutions, organises training and educational opportunities, seminars, workshops.

The Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) educational and training opportunities allow participants to acquire knowledge and skills in key areas of biology and give them the opportunity to ask questions and discuss challenges with experts.

In addition to face-to-face training events, the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) will also offer distance education and training opportunities, allowing users to learn at their own pace and contribute to their professional development.

In addition, the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) credits with continuing Vocational Training Units those who follow the CBS training and educational activities.

At forthcoming sessions you can find training opportunities planned by the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS).