Environment Committee

Environment Committee

The Committee of the Environment of the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) aims to strengthen the contribution of Biology and Biologists in the field of Environment and Nature Protection.

The Environment Committee of the Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) is composed exclusively of members of CBS who work in the field of Environment and Nature Protection or are interested in the field of Environment and Nature Protection. According to the Constitution of CBS, at least one member of the Governing Body should participate in each committee. The committee acts as an auxiliary body of the CBS and its decisions are of recommendation and advisory nature to the CBS, which has the final say on any decision.

If you are a member of CBS and wish to join the CBS Environment Committee contact the CBSGoverning Body at email: info@cbs.cy


The Environment Committee is co-chaired by:

  • Dr Andreas Ch. Hadjichambis

    Chair of the European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) Cost Action CA16229 | Active in 39 Countries (36 European Countries & Israel, USA, Australia) | 88 Universities and Research Institutes | www.enec-cost.eu

    Chair of the Cyprus Biological Society | https://www.cbs.cy/

    Scientific Director of Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education – CYCERE – KYKPEE

  • Panayiota Matsouka (MSc)

Biologist, Assistant Head at Government Schools.