Short-term Fellowships

Short-term Fellowships

Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) provides the opportunity for its members to participate in the FEBS Fellowships program. The FEBS Fellowships Program began in 1979. It has since become known as a very competitive and famous program. This was done thanks to the strict selection procedures and the package we offer to the partners.

As part of its commitment to supporting young scientists, FEBS offers both short-term and long-term Fellowships to members of its Constituent Societies, such as the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS), as well as Summer Fellowships to promising young students. FEBS also offers Fellowships designed exclusively for members of its Constituent Societies such as the Cyprus Biological Society (BEK) in some of FEBS’s disadvantaged countries.

The scholarships are intended to allow members of its Constituent Societies such as the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS) working in one FEBS country to work in a laboratory in another FEBS country. Due to their young age, candidates for the Summer Fellowships do not need to be members of FEBS Constituent Societies such as the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS).

FEBS Short-Term Fellowships are awarded for purposes of scientific collaboration, advanced training or techniques that are not available in the usual workplace of candidates.

Fellowships are awarded for periods not exceeding two or, in exceptional cases, three months.

Applicants must have a PhD or at least one published paper as a lead author in an international scientific journal. They must be biologists who have obtained their doctorate in the last six (6) years.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year, but must be submitted through the online application system at least three months before the proposed start date.

For information on short-term Fellowships you can find it on the FEBS website.
You will need to submit a Certificate of Membership of the Cyprus Biological Society (CBS).