former Commissioner of

Environment, Executive Director CIIM

Honorary member

Cyprus Biological Society (BEK)


Ioanna Panayiotou was born in Limassol in 1962. She is a Biologist – a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with an MBA from MIM and a postgraduate degree in Theology from the University of Nicosia.

From 1988 – 2019 she maintained her own winery in Agios Ambrosios, Limassol. Her winery put Cyprus on the map of the European Organic Vineyard for the first time as well as in the list of countries with production of certified Organic wines.

She is a founding member of the Movement of Environmentalists, with rich environmental activity, and was General Secretary of the Movement (2009 -2013).

From 2013-2019 she held the position of Environment Commissioner.

Today she works as Executive Director at the Cyprus International Institute of Management – CIIM.

Award rationale for Mr. Ioannas PANAGIOTOU

This proclamation and honorary distinction of the Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) is based on the excellent contribution of Ms. Ioanna Panagiotou to date in the fields of environment, ecology and in general her distinguished contribution to the Cypriot society but also to the promotion of biological sciences and issues more broadly. Ms. Panagiotou is a graduate of the Department of Biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a Biologist – Winemaker, with a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Mediterranean Institute of Management and in Theology from the University of Nicosia. The topic of her master’s thesis is “Genetically Modified Organisms – Ecological, Ethical and Theological Dimension”. She worked as a director of the company I.P. Gaia Oinotechniki Ltd which is in Agios Ambrosios, Limassol and of which she is also the creator. She is organically cultivating the vineyards she inherited from her parents since 1986. The first organic farm in Cyprus was her own vineyard from which the 1st Cypriot wine was produced, which was marked according to European law. Ms. Panayiotou through her action has contributed greatly to the promotion of environmental policies in the Cypriot context and has contributed to raising awareness of Cypriot society on environmental and ecological issues. She particularly addressed issues related to green development, organic farming, alternative tourism, the production and promotion of organic and local products, the implementation of the 17 United Nations Horizontal Sustainable Development Goals, the circular economy, Climate Change Adaptation, Corporate Social Responsibility, gender equality, women’s participation in the commons and social and genealogical justice. From 1996 until today she has given numerous lectures on the above topics and many of her articles have been published in newspapers and other publications and scientific journals. As Environment Commissioner, she excellently promoted environmental strategies, awards, campaigns and awareness-raising and education actions in the Cypriot reality. The Biological Society of Cyprus (CBS) awards Ms. Ioanna Panayiotou the title of Honorary Member.