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Olympiads for
Gymnasium and Lyceum

CBS and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, organise the following Cyprus Biology Olympiads.

Theophrastos Gymnasium A’

Make a dynamic start from the first form

Aristotelis Gymnasium B’

Excel in Biology Gymnasium B’

IJSO Gymnasium C’

Excel in Biology Gymnasium C’ and represent Cyprus at IJSO

EUSO Lyceum B’

Excel in Biology LyceumB’ and represent Cyprus at EUSO

IBO Lyceum C’

Excel in Biology LyceumC’ and represent Cyprus at IBO

Τελευταίες Αναρτήσεις Ενημερώσεις

Pancyprian Biology Exam

About 90 % of the students that select“Sciences and Biosciences” take Biology at the Pancyprian Biology Exam.
About 30% 0f the students that select “Services” take Biology at the PancyprianBiology Exam.

Positive Sciences and Biological Sciences 90%
Services 30%


Award for undergraduate students

You may submit your dissertation in applying for this award.

Award for postgraduate students

You can submit your dissertation in applying for this award.

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